Humanitas : Journal of the Faculty of Arts

Humanitas : Journal of the Faculty of Arts

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Humanitas 1999

01 Foreword / L. Sciriha. Humanitas. 1(1999)(vii-ix) click here

02 Religion and social cohesion in Malta : does it really matter? / M. Vassallo. Humanitas. 1(1999)(1-19)

03 The glass ceiling : Maltese women in academia / L. Sciriha. Humanitas. 1(1999)(37-51) click here

04 A village for an island : Malta in Frans Sammut’s Samuraj / A. Grima. Humanitas. 1(1999)(65-78) click here

05 Dominique Vivant Denon à Malte : des lumières au Bonapartisme / R. Spiteri. Humanitas. 1(1999)(79-87)

06 Francesco Azzopardi : a Maltese musician and theorist / D. Buhagiar. Humanitas. 1(1999)(89-100)

07 In search of a personal and national identity : the poems of Victor Fenech / A. Cassola. Humanitas. 1(1999)(101-122)

08 Internal migration of the Maltese population / M. Miljanic-Brinkworth. Humanitas. 1(1999)(123-141)

09 Language maintenance and language shift of Maltese migrants in Toronto, Canada / H. Slavik. Humanitas. 1(1999)(151-168)

10 The role of the tourist guide : a theoretical perspective / J. Inguanez. Humanitas. 1(1999)(169-174)

11 Sicilia e Malta nelle relazioni di viaggio del secolo diciasettesimo / J. Eynaud. Humanitas. 1(1999)(175-188)

12 An overview of a problem in Hospitaller naval historiography / J.A. Debono. Humanitas. 1(1999)(189-197)

Humanitas 2003

01 Social aspects of Siġġiewi 1530-1798 / S. Fiorini. Humanitas. 2(2003)(1-39) click here

02 The possession of titles and forms of address in early modern Malta / S. Mercieca. Humanitas. 2(2003)(41-59) click here

03 Local community, identity and problems of ultimate meaning / M. Vassallo. Humanitas. 2(2003)(61-71)

04 Do females pay more compliments than males? : A sociologuistic study of compliment usage in Malta / L. Sciriha. Humanitas. 2(2003)(73-89) click here

05 Memory, oblivion and nostalgia in Trezza Azzopardi’s The Hiding Place / G. Lauri-Lucente. Humanitas. 2(2003)(125-131)

06 Sur les devoirs des chevaliers de Malte : deux ouvrages de la première moité du XVIIIe siècle / C. Depasquale. Humanitas. 2(2003)(133-142)

07 Jean Quintin’s Insulae Meliae Descriptio (1536) : an anniversary and a discussion on its sources / H.C.R.Vella. Humanitas. 2(2003)(155-171) click here

08 Al-Baħr – il-baħar : Arab-Maltese shared awareness of the chaotic primeval element / M. Zammit. Humanitas. 2(2003)(173-194) click here